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Executrain of Long Island

Graphic Design, Training and Coaching, Program Development


Executrain of Long Island

Executrain sought a unique blend of expertise: someone well-versed in both education and graphic design. Answering their call, I quickly became an integral part of the team. Initially hired as a graphic application coach, I gradually expanded my role to encompass other subjects including Adobe software instruction, web design, coding, project management, and presentation skills.

Beyond the classroom, I leveraged my design prowess to enhance Executrain's professional image. From crafting comprehensive course catalogs to revamping office aesthetics and developing dynamic websites, I infused creativity into every aspect of the company's branding. Notably, my innovative idea of creating practical yet coveted mouse pads featuring Microsoft Office shortcuts became a client favorite, elevating our promotional efforts to new heights.

As business faced challenges amidst economic downturns, I spearheaded the "Giving Back" program—a weekly initiative offering free classes to both businesses and individuals, aimed at enhancing resume skills and fostering community engagement. Through strategic surveys and targeted email campaigns, we tailored our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our students and clients, solidifying Executrain's reputation as a trusted educational resource.

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