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Sky Dive Long Island

Project Type

Marketing Collateral, Photography, Video Editing, Workflow Management


Skydive Long Island

Sky Dive Long Island (SDLI) is a renowned skydiving hub nestled in Calverton, New York. Joining the team during a pivotal transition to a larger facility, I spearheaded a multifaceted approach to rebranding and business strategy. Tasked with web design, marketing campaigns, and overseeing videography and photography teams, I propelled SDLI into a new era of success.

Innovating the customer experience, I identified a key limitation in the existing model: the binary choice between skydiving alone or investing in a video package. To address this, I introduced a cadre of skilled "Ground Photographers," adept at capturing the exhilarating moments of each jump from various angles. This not only provided customers with an alternative to video packages but also opened new avenues for revenue generation, yielding an impressive $95,000 in additional sales within the first four months.

Further enhancing efficiency, I restructured the video department, dividing responsibilities between jump footage and post-production editing. This streamlined workflow optimized productivity for videographers while empowering dedicated editors to craft compelling visual narratives. Collaborating closely with both teams, we produced marketing materials that surpassed previous standards, elevating SDLI's brand presence to unprecedented heights.

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